Are you a Hendsbee? or Hensby? Hendsby? These names have been associated with present day Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, Canada. Do you want a page in the Hendsbee domain? The plan here is to build this site in a manner that reflects the genealogy of the Hendsbees. The information put here will come from a book that was given to me by my parents, Bruce & Joanne. The author of the book is Winston T. Hendsbee and it is called "The Hendsbee Family Tree" "200 Years in Nova Scotia". By the way, my name is Carey and my wife's name is Sabrina. If you are interested in submitting information related to the Hendsbee line please find my email address below and I would be anxious to communicate with you. I also utilize ICQ and I have several numbers, I listen to them all on this end. The ICQ #'s are 2584811, 4823640, 5807076. Here is a link to navigate the Hendsbee Tree as I know it.

Where we got started. John Hendsbee

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